Welcome! I'm so happy you're here.

Listen, I get it – life can be a rollercoaster. I've been on that ride, navigating through codependency, serial dating, addictions, and wrestling with a mental health disorder. The highs were exhilarating, but the lows?


I'm not just a coach; I'm someone who's been in the trenches. I've faced the struggles, danced with chaos, and emerged stronger on the other side.

Your path might be unique, but the emotions? Familiar. Let's walk this road together, and I'll meet you where you are.


Deep Inner Journey

After enduring a turbulent journey marked by a bipolar diagnosis, hypothyroidism, substance abuse, and relationship issues for several years, I reached a pivotal realization—the crucial need for assistance. I started investing in world class coaches and embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery, acknowledging my own contribution to the unhappiness and physical distress I had experienced.

I chose to trust my inner compass and departed from the life I had built over six years in Baltimore. Returning to my childhood home, I embarked on a fresh start. I wholeheartedly embraced coaching, delving deep into self-reflection, exploring new places, seeking support from my sisters, and rediscovering inner peace.

My life has continued to expand since.


Reconnection with Self

Through this work, I discovered the root causes of my struggles and replaced temporary solutions with holistic health tools that rejuvenated my entire being. I now feel incredible inside and out.

My coaching style has evolved to focus on self-love and heartfelt actions. I successfully healed chronic illnesses and traumas using somatic release, cycle tracking, intentional movement, meditation, and connecting with my inner coach. Years of dedicated study in personal development, yoga, Inquiry Method, and working with healers and coaches like Kyle Mercer, Jamie White, Therese Tierney, Joe Bush and Emily DeBouver have enriched my knowledge.


Empowerment & Truth

I've personally navigated this path, and I wholeheartedly believe you can too.

As your coach, I'm dedicated to assisting you in uncovering your own answers.

The first step is connecting for a call, where we can chart a course for your journey towards self-discovery, confidence, and breaking free from old patterns.

I'm really excited you're here and honored to be a part of your journey.

Sedona, Arizona - re-discovered a deep connection with my spirituality

Bali, Indonesia - completed my yoga teacher training and leaned into authentic sisterhood

Santa Cruz, California - fell in love on a solo road trip out West and now in my healthiest relationship yet


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